Our trip to Deakin University

We went to Deakin University. Firstly we tested out how aero dynamics, force and friction effects our car in the testing room. After that we got to see a vault music show, which was amazing! Then we went to the bio lab to test our reaction time use a Batak. Last but not least we got to test our cars with a gas canister!

What We Learnt About Logos

The research that we found for an effective logo was very interesting. We discovered that the colour in your logos represent different things such as; red means ready to go and fearless and energy, green means nature and peace, blue means social and connection and yellow means happy and joyful. We also discovered that you have to keep your design simple.

Racing Rhinos Logo


Racing Rhinos all put our ideas together to make this logo! Therefore, the flags in our logo represent racing and being ready to go. The red for the font means we are fearless, we are willing to take risks and we are hard working! The black in the flags represent elegance and power. We chose the symbol of the rhino as rhinos are tough and ready to charge! As a team, we think our logo tells people that we are strong enough to win the Fast Car Challenge!